Sunday, January 29, 2012

Play Okey Mini With Your Friends Over Bluetooth

Addictive android game Okey Mini has been updated with new features.
  • You can play Okey Mini with your friends over bluetooth. Internet connection is not needed to play multiplayer Okey Mini games.
  • Okey Mini is polished with new graphics. Graphics are designed by @yekeyek
  • Multi-language support is added. For now only English & Turkish(default) supported. If you want to translate it in your language please contact me at ilkinulas at gmail dot com
  • Okey Mini can be moved to SD card to save internal storage space. Total game size is 730k.
I am continuously fixing reported issues and adding new features. Here are some numbers from Google Android Market statistics. Okey Mini has 4.5 rating over 5. (This the average of 2618 votes.)
Okey Mini has been downloaded more than 277.000 times. And it is installed on 120.000 android device. 120.000 android users are playing Okey Mini.
The picture below shows the number of users by country. Since Okey is a popular Turkish game, Okey Mini players are mostly from Turkey.

Wish you enjoy the game...

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