Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Assistant v1.4

Here comes version 1.4
    New Features
  • You can post messages to your friend's wall.
  • Removed READ_CONTACT permission. This is required to keep users of the application confident about security. Please check carefully the permissions required by the apps before installing. There are many reported apps that steal private data such as contacts and text messages. Read more...

    Known Issues
  • Facebook dialogs for login and give permissions do not function correctly on small sized screens. (Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini users reported this bug.) The official facebook sdk has an open issue about this.
  • The application is not very good looking, I know. I do my best as a developer but I am not a designer. I'll work on the look and feel of the application for a better user experience

I can not reply user comments in the android market. Please do not ask questions directly in the market. You can send direct messages to me or add comments to this site.


  1. Love your app, it's really helpful. One thing though. When I want to add new birthday from my contactlist I only got a lot of numbers in a list and no names. Now that I got the latest version I thought that would be fixed, but instead the option to add from contact list disappeared.

    The option to add from contact list is great and I hope that it will come back.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I removed that option because it was buggy. It was working with android version 1.6 only.
    I am adding "pick from contacts option" to my todo list.

  3. Nice app. Will try it out and get back with comments. Thanks.

  4. Very nice app. But I can't send a message to my friend's wall. When I try to send a message apppears in the background where I have to allow to post on my wall. But I can't get to the message and nothing happens. I have to restart my phone to close the message. I have a HTC Desire.

  5. @Brian I've tested it on my G1. Same problem.
    I'll prepare an update asap.